Empower the best decisions.

Empower the best decisions.

Management consulting for wealthy families.

Even with teams of experts, if the efforts aren't coordinated, the result will be disappointing. We take the guesswork and doubt out of managing your wealth and legacy.

We take an enterprise approach.

We see all the moving pieces - from family relationships to financial assets to technical experts - as a single enterprise. Traditional investing, legal, tax, and philanthropic operations are interconnected - working in concert for the overall success of your family.

We provide candid advice.

Leveraging a seasoned point of view, we communicate the pros and cons of your options and provide real advice - we're not afraid to tell you what you should do. If the answer is "it depends," we'll still tell you what we would do.

A customized strategy for your unique complexity.

Often, families come to us with a specific question during a time of transition. To appropriately advise you on the best course, we develop a strategy that brings together all the pieces. We start with understanding your perspective and what matters most to you... and what should.

Step 1: Discovery

Together, we discuss what you want to accomplish for your wealth and legacy. We explore your family and relationships, financial assets, legal structures, and advisors.

Step 2: Strategy workshop

In an interactive session, we address the issues, and the pros and cons, of your options within the larger context of your unique complexities. Then we make some decisions about the best course for you.

Step 3: Executive leadership

Evaluate & build your professional team

It's not enough to think you have the right people; you need to know you have the right people. We find the top experts, match them with your needs, and build a collaborative team.

Engage & educate

There's a lot to know in multigenerational wealth management. We offer customized training with real-world scenarios. Whether it's educating the next generation, informing a new spouse, or providing executive coaching for new wealth owners, being well-informed is key to your family’s continued success. We develop custom workshops that explain and diagram the situation, translate the technical jargon, finesse relationship nuances, and help navigate options. And we are always here to answer questions wherever they come from.

Design the big-picture structure

With a unique ability to see both the forest and the trees, we develop a customized org design. The right structures simplify operations, protect assets, and minimize taxes - all within a governance system that empowers your family to make decisions together.

Step 4: Long term advisor or fiduciary

We provide bespoke services - working with your team to optimize your operations and ensure best practices. For select families this can include serving as a fiduciary of your trusts.