Your personal wealth is a business.

Your personal wealth is a business.

Family wealth needs executive management.

You have investment advisors, attorneys, and accountants - but do you have the right ones? And have you empowered them to do their jobs? How do you ensure that their advice aligns with your priorities? Effective enterprises rely on executive leaders who are expert generalists with experience from investing to legal to philanthropic issues.

It's personal.

Identifying your family's goals isn't difficult - but prioritizing them can be. Your advisors not only need to know the technical options, they also need to understand what matters most to you.

It's complicated.

Anyone who tells you family wealth is simple, is either trying to sell you something or doesn't understand it. Don't bury your head in the sand and jeopardize your family legacy. You need to manage your family wealth - whether it's $5 million or $5 billion.

You don't need to manage it alone.

To do this well, you need to know a lot about investing, law, tax, and philanthropy. In addition to experts in each discipline, you need someone who can go fairly deep in each of them and fit them into your big picture - seeing both the forest and the trees.

We explain your options with real world scenarios directly relevant to your situation.

Always putting the family first, we help you identify your goals, set a strategy, and work with family members and advisors to ensure each option is clear and each decision aligns with your objectives.

Our incentives are aligned to protect you and your family.

We sit on your side of the table. Compensated only by families and working on your behalf, we're not here to sell you anything or to push you in any one direction. We provide the insight and guidance you need to ask the right questions, avoid unscrupulous solutions, and identify the right approach.