At Pechet Advisors, we focus on the complex issues facing wealthy families. Our approach is consistent, our clients and their problems are diverse. We tailor guidance for each client, from siblings trying to work together to women starting fresh from divorce to entrepreneurs planning for the next phase of life.

You and your family have been left with a sizable responsibility and an enormous challenge. You want to be in control of your financial operations, but may not know where or how to begin. You need to be brought up to speed, to make sense of your family's complex financial structure, and then work to create the right strategies and systems for moving things in a sound, appropriate and strategic direction. This requires that you ask the right questions, identify the right advisors, and create a sound road map for managing a well-oiled enterprise.

Pechet Advisors makes sense of family wealth complexities and helps you disentangle, clarify, design and manage a family "business" that upholds the legacy of loved ones while also helping you and your family to create your own.
Starting over is difficult enough. Starting over with a host of unforeseen financial issues and responsibilities is even more of a challenge. Knowing where to begin and in which direction to go requires know-how and guidance. But with seemingly endless advice, advisors and options you're probably feeling shaky at best.

At Pechet Advisors, we deliver the expertise, advocacy and support you need to talk through your issues, ask the right questions, and gain control over your financial future. We then work with you to design, build and manage effective operations and professional teams that fit your needs. We provide the short and long-term education, leadership, vision and safeguards necessary to guide your new operation, make key decisions, and navigate pitfalls with confidence.
Whether the source of your wealth is commercial real estate, retail, manufacturing or some other business, you and your family have likely focused on the business and relied on traditional means for managing wealth. You have investors, advisors, attorneys and accountants who may present opportunities and help support decision-making. And while many of these are necessary functions, you may be missing the bigger picture.

To ensure the long-term success and viability of your family—its business and its legacy—you need a strategic vision and plan created from a holistic, enterprise point of view. Pechet Advisors does not replace your category experts but rather streamlines, advises and manages wealth to support your experts and to get everyone aligned and working toward the same strategies, goals, plans and ideals.
A trusted friend is in the best position to care for your family, but may not have all the skills, experience and full-time focus to oversee significant assets. Pechet Advisors helps trustees oversee complex assets, sophisticated professionals and technical issues. And when the law leaves important decisions to the trustee, we provide substantive counsel to help you make the best choices. Especially in tense situations where your decisions risk not only assets but relationships, everyone benefits from an unbiased voice at the table. With independent third-party opinions to manage risk, fiduciaries can focus on the job at hand. Our experience, expertise and independence facilitate consensus, enhance relationships, generate results and help everyone sleep at night.
First of all, congratulations, your hard work has paid off! As you prepare for the sale or IPO of your business it also makes sense for you to prepare for your next enterprise: Your Personal Wealth Organization. Just like your other businesses, family money needs structure, strategy, objectives, managers, advisors, systems, safeguards, and growth plans. And, as in business, segmented services do not yield an effective enterprise. You need vision, oversight, management and know-how to create a wealth organization that has clear direction and operates as a well-oiled machine.

Pechet Advisors delivers the management expertise needed to ask the right questions, craft a custom roadmap and keep everything and everyone aligned, on strategy, and moving forward so you can enjoy the next phase of your life wherever it takes you.
We're deeply sorry for your loss and understand that you're in largely uncharted territory and facing new challenges, while also grieving and trying to build a "new normal." These moments become even more difficult when faced with the complexities and confusion of managing intricate financial operations. Right now, your time and energy are best spent taking care of yourself and your family, while slowly making sense of what's been placed in your capable, yet somewhat unsure, hands.

Pechet Advisors helps you sort through the confusion of wealth—carefully unraveling, protecting, managing, and growing the legacy your loved one left behind. All the while, we work to keep you well informed, confident in your decisions, safe from unscrupulous solutions and in control of your present and your future.
Great wealth is accompanied by great responsibility to your family and beyond. One of these responsibilities is the careful planning, guidance and management of your legacy to ensure sustainability. Unexpected surprises, at the end of life, plague family members and often put the survival of your legacy at risk.

We help to mitigate these risks by ensuring legacy success through the integration of tailored and strategic succession, trust, estate, asset and charitable planning and the creation of airtight governance systems. We work tirelessly to understand your needs, goals and aspirations and then map them to your current and future structure, advisors and family members to protect your vision, and your life's work, for generations to come.
Family is never easy. Throw in a hefty dose of wealth, and anxiety, fear of loss, and family conflicts are amplified. At Pechet Advisors, our Relationship Risk Management℠ model helps to integrate family relationships with family business operations, financial interests, legal rights, governance and family-member compensation.

We bring a unique combination of experience in mediation and dispute resolution, family wealth and business structures, and family dynamics and relationship risk management℠. We work to understand and integrate individual priorities and personalities with overall wealth planning, role-assessment, decision-making and governance to help you enjoy each other as family and work together as partners.
With the endless array of options, institutions, and recommendations out there, how do you know when an advisor is right for you? Trusting a category expert just because they know more about a subject than you do is simply not enough. In order to identify and evaluate the right roles and the right experts to fill them, you need to know the right questions to ask and the best answers to expect in return. You must also understand your underlying goals and structure while gaining clarity around the type of financial organization you intend to run.

At Pechet Advisors we provide you with the know-how, critical thinking, lines of questioning and advocacy you need to envision your options, evaluate your opportunity costs, and make informed decisions. Our strategic, top-down approach helps to mitigate risk and get the best people and processes in place.
You're probably unclear as to where I fit in…and I understand that. Like a management consultant I assist with overarching family wealth strategy, working to create the plans, processes and systems for building, managing and sustaining an effective and thriving family wealth enterprise.

Approaching family wealth together as an "executive team" we can manage risk and proactively identify new, sophisticated projects that benefit our client and our team. I do not replace category experts, but rather help them by ensuring that everyone's working together, toward the same goals and objectives—putting family wealth success and relationship preservation at the core of everything we do.
Instead of worrying about how, why, and if…Let's explore your unique needs and circumstances together. Give me a call and I'll help get the conversation started.
"Tavan has the ability to balance family values and relationships with finance thereby CREATING TRUE WEALTH MANAGEMENT, not just financial success."
—Family Office Executive and family member

"He was able to help us see past our myopic views and to see possible OUTCOMES THAT WE HAD NEVER CONSIDERED."
—Sibling inheritors and Trustees

—Tony Martin, Family Trustee and Senior Partner, Duane Morris LLP