The benefits of my offering may not be obvious at first. For decades, disparate advisors, playing different roles, at different times, have been managing family wealth. And while maintaining the status quo may appear safe, when you look at family wealth as a business, compartmentalized experts and a decentralized approach increase your risks and make the rewards less certain.

So while your success depends greatly on the top-tier investment, legal and accounting talent you know and trust—they must be managed as a single, cohesive team working toward the same, clearly defined and widely accepted objectives and goals.

Effective enterprises rely on skilled executive leaders to build and manage the people, systems and solutions that keep things moving in a clear and strategic direction.

Effective team management depends on a family wealth expert, advocate and guide who can identify and solve tough problems through the appropriate lens—while remaining principled, unbiased, focused and, above all, collaborative.

This management expertise and focus is what Pechet Advisors brings to the table.

"Not only does he bring DEEP KNOWLEDGE of legal, tax, investment and inter-family dynamic issues but he sees clearly how they WORK TOGETHER and like a good chess player is always thinking three or four steps ahead."
—Tony Abbiati, Managing Director, SCS Financial Services


Through advocacy, a unique enterprise approach, executive management and strategic planning, we provide A NEW WAY to approach your family wealth.